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CT-2021 has been found effective in the treatment of cancer at all stages


Using our SD-2018, there has been postivity in the treatment of all types of diabettes


From our research, We have adminstered the cure of Asthma and other respiratory complications




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Diagnosis & treatment cancer

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Which kind of medicine do you adminster?

We administer purely herbal and inorganic medicine to our patients and it has been proven working

Does your medicine have any side effects?

Being purely organic with no chemical composition, Our medicine does not have any side effects, if any contact us here

How long does the administration of your medicine take?

Depending on the reaction of your body to the remedy, SD-2018 can be consumed for not more than three months

What do I need to start medication

Before the start of medication, medical tests and examinations are conducted on the samples from the patient. These are later reviewed and interpreted by a physician or professional medical personnel

How can contact or find you?

You can contact the team of Leonia-NNN by writing to us via this website, calling us directly here at +256 772 415 322 or visit us at our clinic along Kasubi- Munaku road opposite Kasubi Tombs.

Can i acess your services outside Uganda?

Yes, We are working to growing the ability to attend and administer SD-2018 to the patient globally.